Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Why would a naxalite commander surrender his weapons to  the police after completing an Art of living course? Its easy to instill negativity in the minds of "innocent" people about something genuine but how easy it is to  brain "wash" a Naxalite and make him give up violence? People who are habituated to mudslinging and involved in writing negativity against Art of Living I request them to read this

I also challenge them to approach and interview all such people who have been transformed by the Art of Living and write about it in their blogs if they are even remotely interested in propagating the "TRUTH" and maintaining objectivity.

First of all more than ninety percent of the people working actively with the organisation come from the educated middle class section of the society. Considering this how is it that all of them are completely overlooking the so called "facts" propagated by these blogs?  Most of the Aolites consist of people who are intelligent and educated enough to not get fooled into something blasphemous.
Out of all the people who "complete" the course and practice the techniques "everyday" 100 percent people have positive feed backs. To me this seems to be the only reason why Art of Living is growing at such an exceptionally fast pace.

Another point to be noted is that the diversity that one can see in Art of Living. One of the signs of an enlightened master is that HE or SHE attracts all types of people from all different types of backgrounds and from all strata of society. Sri Sri in a span of may be a month or so would meet people of all types from  slum dwellers to CEO's, From prison inmates to top scientists, from politicians to housewives, from village farmers to urban youth.

An organisation which is here only to make money, charging exorbitant fees for courses and giving  almost nothing in return, having a leader who is angry and screaming all the time, and  followers who have corrupt minds, psychotic behaviour and quite a few of them being characterless morons - Will such an organisation last? that too for 30 years? will it spread over 151 countries? Will it survive the test of time?

At least my common sense compels me to completely disbelieve the so called propagators of truth and who think that they are doing a great job by acting like messiahs saving people from going to hell!