Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another doubt cleared

One of the things that I completely disagreed with the Aol people was about their stance against people who wrote quite a lot of rubbish against the organisation. Most of the people would say, " who cares". " it doesnt matter", " sooner or later they will also change, we will pray for them".

It really did not make any sense to me. I had more or less concluded that reacting in such a way is a misrepresentation of the knowledge that they teach others about acceptance. They say acceptance should be followed by action and apparently do not propagate passive acceptance but in this case I thought they were not walking the talk.

Thankfully I learnt that Art of Living has officially filed a law suit against the "anonymous" bloggers for writing all sorts of nonsense and indulging in defaming the organisation, it members and the founder.

This is acceptance and this is what we need in the world today. Bold and ruthless action against people who deserve it. The negative blog may not last long, (as they themselves feel) but it will also send across a strong message to other potential garbage infested minds that Art of living though is committed to spread love and peace would be ruthless when it comes to taking action against internet terrorism.