Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A question and an Answer

Q: Is it right to charge for a spiritual course?

A: If you have to learn cooking you need to pay, if you have to learn to drive you need to pay, if you need to learn how to handle your mind why should you not pay??

    If the intentions are genuine then I do not think charging for a genuinely useful course is objectionable. Money is required for conducting the course, running an organisation and also for the service projects. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar often says that charity being a part of any spiritual organisation cannot happen form an empty bowl. The teachers, volunteers and the organisers work hard to spread the knowledge and with that hard earned money the service projects get funded.

   In any case if people think that money charged is too much for the course, Art of Living would never reach the masses. According to me the parameters to ascertain the purity of the organisation is as follows..

1. The usefulness of the course as against the money charged for it.

2. The way the money is used.

3. The purity of the intention of the instructors when they teach the course.

As per my research Art of living seems to be doing exceptionally well in all these three aspects.