Monday, May 31, 2010

Guruji and everyone at the Ashram are safe

A shot was fired at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as he was getting into his car. It caused a minor injury to a devotee called Vinay.

This was a cause for grave concern for me, that such an attack could be made on Sri Sri's life. Guruji's response was balanced, calm and muted. Watching him made me feel relaxed and instantly took away a lot of the worry this incident had caused in my head. I had a few friends at the ashram and they said they were amazed that they felt no worry at all and in fact slept as soundly as they had on any other night. That a few thousand people had no worries, no panic at all after a shot had been fired in their midst and they went on with their meditation and seva as usual in itself is quite incomprehensible. As Sri Sri mentioned, the power of Sadhana and meditation is such that it will make you fearless.

At the various places where people write ill about Art of Living and Sri Sri, i was dismayed at the utter lack of sensitivity shown to the incident. They have quoted Guruji saying in the Astavakra Geeta (some 20 years ago) that violence happens only to violent people. It is Karma. So how come violence happened to and around Sri Sri?

I would like to point out here that violence DID NOT happen. A gunman in a crowd of a few thousand people could have wreaked utter havoc. He just fired exactly one shot which was almost harmless and fled. No one panicked, there was no stampede, nothing. It could have been much, much worse, but thankfully it was not.

I think it was because of Sri Sri and all his devotees and their faith in their Guru that the bullet was not fatal for anyone. Even a person with utterly violent thoughts in his head couldn't take much action in the presence of Sri Sri. We definitely need many, many more people to become like this. People in whose presence, violence would cease or diffuse harmlessly.

Our world would be a far better and safer place to live in.



Vijay said...

Am thankful as no harm was done. We'll keep doing our positive work without being distracted by some miscreants who have no job but to write negative things. I thought why should I waste my energy/time by responding to such people but truth should be told.

Hari Ram Narayanan said...

Meditation and a better understanding between people can decrease violence. With more and more people helping Art Of living in its noble work this will surely happen.

Ashwin said...

I was in the Ashram when this happened and I can say for certain it takes someone like Sri Sri to stay calm after the incident!!He actually went into a gathering of strangers totally exposed, just after the shooting. It takes more than a mortal to pull it off.

Also, if someone can fire one shot... he can fire many. it amazing how nothing serious dint happen.It takes an open mind to realise that this is a miracle!!!

Jai Guru Dev

Open said...

Not sure what the truth is in this incident, and regardless of who it is aimed at (since contradicting stories are emerging), taking a gun to end anyone's life is utter cowardice.

I must say it is amusing to watch how artofliving and local teachers are all using this incident as yet another propaganda to market AOL courses ... it is exhausting. Know that if someone is interested in Yoga or meditation, there are plenty of choices, not just artofliving. The world existed just fine before artofliving, and it will continue to do so with or without artofliving. btw, I am with artofliving for the last 6 years, and this marketing element completely tires me and several friends of mine. Please take a breath and relax.

I Am Back In His Device..... said...

Jai Gurudev,

Its So Wonderful To See Guruji's Response After The Incident , He's Untouchable!! Grace was showering like the Monsoon !!This shows what HE is!! See the entire Spiritual World Was In Support Of HIM!! He's The Man Of Peace , And He Will Continue With His Work All Over The World!! Bullets are like flowers for Him , I believe the person who attacked Him will Come to ashram and As Guruji Said Will Do the course and Experience the Grace Of Master !!
No Harm Can Happen In Ashram , As Krishna Protected "Vrindavan" By Raising The "Govardhan" , Guruji Protected Everyone!! And As He Say "He's Always With Us"

timepass said...

The media has not given respect to guru ji which he deserve as an indivisual;

Chinnamasti said...

I think it was one of those evil bloggers who tried to shoot His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar. What you say?

J said...

ha ha ha ha chinnamasti, you have a terrific sense of humour. you may continue thinking. I have nothing to say.

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