Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Favor

Some time back, in answer to a question about some people talking negative about the organisation or him, I heard him say, it is alright.. This just filters in the right kind of people. The strong and reliable ones will come though.

What a different way of looking at things. In effect what he was saying is that those people who are saying or writing negative about Art of Living are doing a favor!

Later I had asked some others why Art of Living had not put up any official counters to this disgusting (at least to me, most of them seemed not to be bothered about it), they said in different ways that they were too busy.

Very few were concerned about it, but when i told them what Guruji had said to me earlier, they all brightened up and encouraged me to write more on this blog. Some of them even said they wanted to contribute.

One of them told me about an interview that Sri Sri had given sometime ago. He had been asked, Guruji can you predict the future? With a smile He had replied, wise men don't predict the future, they make it!

This volunteer told me i have much to do, to make the future, can't be bothered by Guruholic and co.

I asked another, what about Satyameva Jayate? That truth should prevail.
She smiled and said, in time, truth will always prevail.



Dalit said...

what a silly blog. why does art of living only have morons like you as supporters. you have validated the guruholic blog now.
Have fun fun

suresh said...

but why would a guru would want to weed out the weak people ? Isnt the path itself what makes the people stronger ?

Harish Ramachandran said...

What good is it for a dog to bark at the moon?
Such is the sorry state of the people behind the blogs indulging in shameless character assasination.

I am also amused at their desperate attempts to seek attention as they have even managed to track down and post imbecile comments in a blog that i write (although very rarely) in which i highlight some of the good work that i get to know that is done by The Art of Living and Sri Sri.

Look forward to more posts....

Vijay said...

Yes, looks like some people just have no other job other than criticizing people who do good work. If only, they focused their energies on doing something positive, maybe they'll be of some use to the world. But I do know that it is too much to expect some morons to be useful

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