Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Truth

There are a few blogs out there who seek to defame Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, His organizations and His teachers. Just as a small stain stands out on a pristine white cloth and begs for attention, these blogs seek to disgrace the brilliant service, and the absolutely amazing programs facilitated by the Art of Living by spreading doubts and negativity.

When I read a few of these blogs and the extent of character assassination they are perpetrating, I decided to find out the truth for myself. I have now been associated on and off with the Art of Living for a few years and have almost never come across any of the accusations that are being made… True, sometimes some volunteers or teachers may be rude or sloppy in their behaviour but to call them psychotic, perverted, imbalanced, etc would be a lie.

It is fine not to agree with some of Art of Living’s policies, I myself don’t in a few cases, but resorting to false stories and fabricated allegations to defame Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Art of Living along with many other spiritual organizations using blatant lies is unacceptable, at least to me, making me wonder if these people have been hired by some extremist organization to do this.

These are ill intentioned individuals with sick minds who are bewildering other people with their rumour mongering, a kind of an intellectual terrorism. These people cannot be left unchallenged.

The Art of Living doesn’t seem to be doing much about countering these allegations, in fact this is one of their policies i don't agree with, so I decided to do it. Everyone should be made aware of the truth at least as I see it.

Light should prevail.


peppermoon said...

Frankly I don't care about the rubbish that is being written in the negative blogs. SS Ravi Shankar's is a clarion call to unite and if there are some who are so closed and narrow-minded in their perspectives, it is completely their loss. Clearly, there are imperfections if that is what you are here to see. But for those who choose to believe the negative without experiencing the truth for themselves, I would request a wake-up call for their intelligence.Perhaps this blog will serve as that wake-up call.

Hari said...

Congratulation on starting this blog.I have been a regular follower of the Guruholic blog for the past two months , but have always wondered that the AOL version of the events is not adequately presented.
Hope this blog will be able to voice AOL's stand on the various allegations raised in the Guruholic blog with the right kind of facts, figures and events to justify it.

All the Best.

I Am Back In His Device..... said...

we really know who Guruji is and we know who these people behind the negative blogs are!! so i think they are really in the cult nature!!
and its high time we need to expose them!!

Lehmann108 said...

I'm glad you started this blog. I think some of the complaints that people post on the "anti" blog might have some degree of legitimacy, but they are usually lost in the insane, over-the-top rhetoric. For example, claiming SSRS is the ant-Christ. Or portraying him as some sort of a manipulative con-man. This is just pure madness. For the legitimate complaints, I say that that is just the nature of a relationship with a spiritual teacher. We project a god archetype or an idealized "other" onto a guru because we are seeking support for our ego/personality. We only do this in other relationships when we are psychologically immature such as when we are adolesence and are trying to find the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. The dharma of a guru is to facilitate your awakening, not soothe your ego. Perhaps AOL is not for you if you have conflicts with it. That is fine. But to obsessively attack AOL and SSRS with out right lies and distortions is absurd.

True Blog said...

It is interesting to read the Guruholic and Klim blogs that are set on maligining the AOL and Sri Sri without offering any proof for anything! Some of my viewpoints on all the baseless allegations that are put on their websites -

1. Question them!
Please question them when they write things with no substantiating information - when, where, who? It's really wrong for them to write things that are baseless, and we should be aware to not believe anything that is in a written form. Don't believe things unless there's concrete proof for things - send them a note on their blogs questioning the authenticity and you will see they will not reply to you - I have tried that and they just don't have any answers to the baseless allegations they have put forth.

2. Financials
AOLF is a registered charitable organization and all accounts are audited and reported to the government. If anyone says money is not accounted for, they can pretty much say it for any other nonprofit organization also. Please check the IRS website (in the US) if there are any questions. All the money is 100% accounted for! Believe the facts, not fiction from Klim and Guruholic blogs.

AOLF has only 15% of its revenue from donations and remaining from courses. Sri Sri donates 99% of all contributions that come to him as book royalty or direct donations, to the foundation! It is his greatness that he did not create a 'for profit' foundation like so many others have done in teaching yoga/meditation and spirituality.

3. Sri Sri's Family
What Klim and the Guruholic blogs write about Sri Sri's family is truly disgraceful. They are being picked out only because of their family connections to Sri Sri. Bhanu is a tireless worker and is busy all the time in teaching or managing the service projects. It's natural for her students to give her gifts out of gratefulness, and even from that, she gives away most of them! Ajay, Sri Sri's nephew, is perhaps one of the most down-to-earth and simple person I have known. He has a job and is also pursuing a Ph.D. in the US and does not need any money from the foundation, and he does not take any.

Also, it's time for Klim and Guruholic to stop questioning how people live their lives - it's none of their business.

4. Life of Full Time AOL Teachers
Nothing is farther from truth from what Klim and Guruholic blogs mention about full-time AOL teachers. It's actually very difficult for someone to be a full timer, and extremely easy to get out of it (and become a part timer)! Hundreds of teachers go to Sri Sri every year asking if they can become full time teachers, and he tells them to continue with their job/business and teach when they can. Also, there have been instances when full time teachers have wanted to move to a job and serve part time, and Sri Sri encouraged them full heartedly - I myself know a few such teachers! From what Klim has written, looks like it's a case of one's own failure, very similar to what I see in my own business where employees complain about everything in life. I tell these people - stop complaining and find something else to do! It's time Klim and Guruholic accepted the fact that they themselves are responsible for their miseries and stop blaming the foundation for their failures.

Hope more people question the negativity being freely thrown around by Klim and Guruholic.

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