Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Straigth Talk Part 2

Q: You said you got demotivated.What kind of incidents demotivated you?

A: Outbursts of anger, small mindedness, lack of a broad vision of some people sometimes demotivated me.

Q: How did you get back?

A:  If I am harboring negativity against someone it just means that my own weakness is getting exposed. I need to change myself first. The second important thing to note is that everyone  is changing. All the people on the path go through certain phases, good or bad.One cant label people as "bad".

Q: Some people have left the AOL because they could not accept certain things happening in the organization. Does it mean that AOL failed?

A: As I mentioned each one goes through phases. In my long association with AOL I have seen people who were against AOL  becoming devotees and vice versa. I have also seen  people totally disconnected and then suddenly they jump in and get actively involved. Sometimes so called "devotees" completely vanish after six months and then are again spotted in satsangs after a few years. As people go through life and its teachings priorities also keep changing.

Q: What were the factors that convinced you that Sri Sri is a True Guru.

A: NO factors. All the reasons to figure out who is the true Guru can also be used as reasons to prove that the same Guru is a fake. for eg...
1. Lot of service is happening - Oh you know he is craving for the noble peace prize. If the money is collected in the name of service projects he needs to show something in the name of service.

2. So many followers and they all look so happy - Marketing strategy and by the way any Tom, Dick or Harry grows a beard and long hair and talks some spiritual nonsense will get a large following in no time.Ia m sure he is a expert in skillful brain washing

3. Sudarshan Kriya is really amazing - Its just hyperventilation. Any sort of heavy fast breathing can give you a feeling of well being  for some time. its no big deal.

4. He is working hard to uplift  the society and is still smiling all the time -: He is working hard to uplift his own organisation and his own image as a GOD man or an Avataar. Smiling all the time is the only USP of all that he does.

we can go on and on

Q: So then how do you know?

A: I have no idea. If I had specific reason or factors to love him and know that he is genuine then I would be the greatest fool fooling myself. Its my own experience of being in his presence. There is no way I can prove that to anybody else. A feeling of love, joy and abundance is a very deep and  personal experience beyond words.

to be contd



candie said...

i agree with anonymous....i met Him a few years back for the first time all wary of what people say about sadhus but after meeting Him one simply cannot deny the love and care and concern that oozes out. it cannot be faked for such long periods and goes beyond logic. as rightly said our own mind reflects when we use ill logic to see something bad when nothing exists.

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