Thursday, December 2, 2010

Straight Talk Part 3

Q: How do you explain that people who have been with the organisation for so long have quit and are doing negative propaganda?

 A: In any school in a class of lets say 50 students not all would acquire the same grades. Each student has the same teacher, same syllabus, same exam and the same books to study. Yet someone would score 9 on 10 and there would be someone who fails miserably. People who fail generally end up blaming either themselves or everything around them or both. But that is also temporary.

I would just like to say that Truth can neither be confronted nor avoided. In the world how long does it take to expose anything that is fraudulent. You cannot fool all the people all the time. When we have hardcore evidences of the stories of transformation one cannot just discard it. I believe that its only the purity of intention that can withstand all obstacles and bring about a positive transformation. Lets get on the field and work together and help each other create a divine society.

Thank you.



Ravi said...

I belong to you,

Well, to add few spices to your statements, when there is a question from a fool, the wise men look no further to answer. Those involved in negative propaganda can do so, still their core is towards divine. I did read about someone working from Sumeru explaining how he perceives AOL as people being feverish about AOL and the path of bringing other to path, is like working against the principles of guruji's teaching. To those who dont understand you may need many life time (may be few rebirths) to come cathup/ come across such a guru ( i perceive him as lord Krishna).

Mind tricks you, to perceive the truth it is beyond mind and body. Develop your consciousness. Anyone can be Krisha, only if you can attain that consciousness. Thus guruji is non other than Krishna, Shiva and much more.If you can join his vision, or if you dont still people like us will follow his path to make this a divine society. Well all those who are non believers what choice do you have left, you will live in a divine society if you still dont believe.

If this message rings some bells, work for the truth and the divine shall support you. i have gone thru tremendous transformation, to be even alive it is a miracle. Success has come to me rather than me running behind it.

Jai Gurudev

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