Friday, February 4, 2011

Meditation for Peace

This letter is sent by Manal from Egypt describing the current situation.Let us all join together and participate in AOL Egypt's new initiative which is meditating at 4p.m(GMT) to bring peace and protection all over the world.

On JAN 25th normal protests started requesting a political change, dramatically transformed into the sad events on the 28th where around 300 people (from both police and protesters) got killed and around 1500 injured. Not to mention all the burning and robbing events that started from that day onwards. This whole period was filled with terrifying attacks of street thugs and robberies operated by criminals who stole police cars and ambulances to cover their work, resulting the loss of people's trust in any one. I can't deny I was so terrified the first two days, just like any other Egyptian who hears continuous machine guns firing all night long, my only protection was in listening to Qoran or chanting Guru Om and Om namo narayana.

My friends and teacher's checking on me several times helped in cheering me up a bit (thanks teacher Sanjiv Sarin)

On the 30th after my Sudarshan Kriya and meditation I was inspired to take the initiative to ask AOL members to meditate for peace and protection at the same time at sunset, so I called some people and we did it. The positive outcome encouraged me on the 31st to take the initiative a step further and called almost all AOL Egypt family members, beside the AOL international family (thanks to the help of my wonderful teachers Sangeeta Jani, Mawahib, Kamal and Ajay Khimji in conveying my message internationally) I reached out to anyone I could be in contact with in all the cities of Egypt, to the extent that I even asked some of the spiritual, peaceful young protesters in Tahrir square through some common friends to join the meditation. At 4 pm GMT not less than 1200 people meditated and prayed at the same time for peace and protection of Egypt each from his\her place. I felt the energy was so powerful yet soothing.

Yesterday I was asked to go to the protesting youth who felt the positive energy on the 31st to guide them in a meditation upon the request of some of them, but unfortunately the situation deteriorated and it wasn't safe enough, however when I find the place is more secure I will surely go because our prayer made a difference, it made us feel safer. Yet the fear, pain, sorrow and anger are still powerfully filling the air in Egypt. So our concern now is that we need everybody to put their attention with positive energy for the peace and protection of Egypt and Egyptians.
So AOL Egypt's new initiative is: Everyday, at 4pm GMT send Egypt blessings for peace and protection, if u can meditate with us at the same time (4pm GMT), it would be great and I am sure that together we can make a difference.
Last thing I'd love to thank all the AOL family members in Egypt and abroad who kept on calling or sending emails to check on me in this situation.
I belong to you all

Thanks, JGD
Manal Karrara
AOL Egypt



Lehmann108 said...

i don't think it is wise to be "ruthless towards negative bloggers. Otherwise you are entering the same vritta they are blogging from and it is a very disturbing vritti (condition of mind). That being said, it should be addressed in a strong, calm manner. Of course some people are just crazy in their irrational, paranoid statements and you can't help these people. But others do have sincere concerns that they have every right to ask and address. Ultimately though, you have to resolve your relationship with your spiritual teacher and their organization on your own.

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