Thursday, February 24, 2011

A sign of Enlightenment.

I would rather use the word "sign" rather than saying "proof" because I do not think there can be any proof of  enlightenment. One of the signs of enlightenment is that He or She attracts diverse kind of people. Everybody who goes near such a person experiences joy, sorrow diminishes, sense of abundance increases, talents blossom and knowledge flourishes.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is on a tour in Maharashtra. There were two very grand events. One was Lay Tarang in Nagpur and the other was Abhnganaad in Kolhapur. In Nagpur there were around 1000 artist, 1000 dancers and 1000 musicians on stage and in abhanganaad in kolhapur there were 2000 varkaari singers and 1350 dhol players on one stage.  It was magnificent, huge, incredible. One can only wonder about such events hosted by the Art of living foundation not just once but so many times.

Brahmanaad in Delhi with 1100 sitar maestros, Antarnaad in Pune with 2,500 classical singers, Naadavaibhavam in chennai 5000 south indian classical singers,

Every event is grand and has been attended by at least a hundred thousand people in each place.The atmosphere is beautiful, meditations conducted by Sri Sri are very relaxing ( saw the live webcast). According to me its quite unexplainable. How does one man inspire people in so many different places to organise events of such a huge scale. So many people come forward to volunteer, so many musicians feel privileged to be a part of such events.

 There is something extraordinarily special about this one man. There is absolutely no doubt about this.



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